Symposium Session Topics

Overview of Case Studies

Chairs: Russ Bennett, California Air Resources Board


Long Term Measurements

Chairs: Walter Ham, California Air Resources Board, & Olga Pikelnaya, SCAQMD


Episodic Measurements

Chairs: Helen Mearns, CSAC, & Olga Pikelnaya, SCAQMD


Routine Modeling

Chairs: Greg Yarwood, Ramboll, & Will Vizuete, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Episodic Modeling

Episodic modeling pertains to non-routine releases that are often unintentional or accidental. The source term is frequently not well-known and can involve  factors such as vessel dynamics, two-phase flows, momentum effects, dense-gas effects, chemical reactions, etc. The downwind dispersion of the released chemical is governed by the source term, along with meteorology, terrain, land use, and obstacles. This session aims to address state-of-the-art episodic modeling techniques and forensic analysis of real-world incidents. The information from this session will provide recommendations to policy makers for improving modeling practices of accidental chemical release from refineries and other similar chemical industrial facilities.

Chairs: Ping Di, California Air Resources Board, Joe Chang, RAND, Jessica Cox, CSAC


Emissions Estimation

Chairs: Greg Yarwood, Ramboll, & Will Vizuete, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Policies & the Community

Chairs: Greg Bazley, US EPA Region 9 & Allan Lloyd, University of Texas, Austin


Tying It All Together

Chair: Greg Vlasek, CalEPA


Important Deadlines

  • May 15 - General abstract submissions open
  • June 17- General abstract submissions close
  • July 23- Notifications will be sent to general abstract submission authors
  • August 19- Conference schedule will be established
  • September 1 - Registration price Increases